We are specialized in embedded system development. Based on our 20 years experience in this industrial market field we are well prepared to implement your ideas. With our know-how in embedded software and hardware development we can cover the whole product life cycle from idea to series production. We especially understand embedded Linux, ARM CPU’s, modular computers, PCB design, ultra-low power design, battery management, camera systems, different standards of modular computers, embedded systems etc. We can cover the whole life cycle of the product including testing, production and customer support, maintenance.

PCB schematic and layout development
Comprehensive product design
Carrier board design (COMe, SMARC, ETXe etc.)
Design to achieve EMC certification
GSM, GPRS, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, LoRa etc.


We design and develop software under x86 and ARM architecture. As a low-level design, we develop device driver for different interfaces (e.g. USB, RS232, display etc.), create bootloader, firmware, programming BIOS. We can perform development in C, C++, Assembly, and also in higher level languages.

Embedded Linux kernel porting
Device driver development
Boot loader development
Over the air firmware update
Application software development
Micro controller firmware implementation


We design the mechanical elements of the embedded system in 3D to model and show the them under operation. We create BOM (Bill of Material) for standardized and long-term production. We prefer components and manufacturing methods which have the latest cutting-edge technology and reliable for long time.

Mechanical elements design
3D modelling
Industrial design
Chasses development